Trip to Mauritius

The lush green lands of island Mauritius wins its deserving nom de plume “star and key” of the Indian Ocean is vibrant with grandeur and beauty. It has great places to visit where we can relax or rid ourselves from daily stress.  It is a land that compels us to draw out our innermost desires. It magnetizes us to reveal the most intermittently connected threads of the world.

Listen to your thoughts in the quite night. Listen to the gushing water from the waterfalls. Listen to the rhythm of your heart and soul.

Your words not spoken of and your thoughts which you have been holding for so long in the fear of letting them go can sometimes find its way through to every person. We hear the most beautiful songs ever played. This music soothes us from pain, sorrows and worries with a loving hug that we receive from nature. It touches our heart to make us feel that we have lived in this country forever.

A water friendly person will love to visit the country to fully vitalize their body and mind with swimming in the depths of calm Mauritian waters. Lying around on the beaches or playing ball in the striking blue waters can sometimes also be the only reason to be there. It is a great way to relax. At the beach you can enjoy the sight of cute puppies who really don’t care about  a single thing in the world and the sparrows taking a dust bath to keep their feathers clean and dry. They provide a great learning experience.

Watch out for the sharks they can be swimming to catch up with you on the shore.

Going to Ile aux cerfs in the north and toux aux cerfs in the south to learn about the country’s history, art and culture is a fun idea. You may be surprisingly interested in observing the findings of the geological research when you visit the seven colored earth of chamarel. Find yourself some of those potential stones from the market shops, which are seen as a healthy way  enriching your belief in luck and chances in decision-making. You can at anytime get souvenirs like key chains, jewellery or their local craft from the thrift stores. They are costly but you can haggle to make purchases which might suit your affordability. Buy colourful clothing apparels, fanciful accessories, paintings and miniatures. Ensure that you appraise the purchases that you make. There are items on sale which are manky but it might look like an original.

A walk on the beach is ideal to make your soul tranquil and bring yourself at peace. Soak yourself in the sea water or bathe in the sun. Imbibe all that the place offers and take advantage of the space. It can be a barbeque at night with your family and friends or a delicious piece of cake someone offers to you on their birthday. Sit back and enjoy the tacit understanding that the place and people have to offer.

I could be visiting the dead volcano of trou aux cerfs which is situated on a volcanic island. The overpriced food stand is great for people to get what they need in case they couldn’t buy it before already. I suggest take food along with you on the tour to the place so you won’t have to invest more than you need to on food items or beverage. It is a cup like opening in the ground with a small pool of water in the middle. A view of the locale from the top and you will see a man sitting with his hands folded. It is formed with the irregularities of the mountains. You can enjoy the view eating napolitaire and watch the sunset in the evening.

There are religious sites with deities that people visit to offer their prayers to. The powerful presence of gods is considered holy. It blesses you with the power of healing. I didn’t get to visit every holy place in the country but I visited Ganga Talao a Shiv temple mandir.
Steve Job says, “You have to trust in something, it can be whatever gut, karma, life, destiny, anything.” The profoundness of the temples will help you find what you can trust in or discover what you truly believe in, love, passion, intuition or luck.
Interestingly, there was a monkey there that I found to make conversation with. Conversation like the flow of river should never stop, may it be with animals or with yourself. It is this sort of conversation you learn from, it’s a soul reflection of your own inner dialogues which assists you to reach a better understanding of who you would ever become and of your own words.

” You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ ” – Eleanor Roosevelt.



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