Cricketer Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli plays cricket for the India National Cricket team and is known for his fabulous sporting attitude. On the verdure of cricket fields he has shocked us with great performances as a winner. He has won an incredulous number of girls fantasy and dream spot for his stunningly gorgeous looks. Unfortunately things don’t  go the same way again and again.
Seeking extra press attention does not matter to him, only focusing on skill and playing well counts.  India must have lost it this time but Virat Kohli’s men seek to bounce back from Pune debacle. I quote him for when he was asked about playing better cricket, “There are days of good cricket and bad cricket. Obviously, you will want to forget a bad result but it’s important that you take it to heart(dil pe lagna hai). It’s important to learn from it. If you ignore it, you can’t improve. It’s important to accept that we lost the Test because of a lack of intent and other team played better cricket than us. If your ego is hurt and you ignore it, it just piles on.”
Don’t suppresses your enthusiasm for the game because of bad results that bear heavy on Indian hearts such as yours.




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