The Long Tail of Writing

We are the future, young and brilliant, the en-captivating minds of today. We are walking everyday with visual resources and calling ourselves writers.

Writing full time has captured our spirits. To become fully committed to writing is not a days’ job. It needs long undisturbed period of time for a person to become totally indifferent to the negative energies that stop them from writing and gain through interpretations to experience it’s adventure.

Writers have a tendency to write about whatever permits them to gather information. They tailor their tales factual or fictional around objects, locations, people, pictures, work, explorations, experiences and whatever actually is in front of them that inspires them to write better everyday. Writers often notice the intricacies of life that people normally ditch with water.

The process of writing is highly demanding. It demands an accelerated performance, twice the hard work and a heightened level of attentiveness to be aware of the surroundings. Writers themselves demand to write the best by working on their content over and over again. The first writing may simply be a written material which is a point compilation of pieces that they come to gather for a book, article, story, song or essay.

What I’m about to tell next is a scene typically from when I see writers rekindle to write. These points gathered are vital for the purpose of explanation. They are a collection of every tiny bit of mind. They further form an intensified, nebulous or an invariable image in the mind of the writer with the collection of these words. They fit together from their lexicon to present us with a beautiful fragment of their imagination. When they are fishing for the words they themselves don’t touch the story instantly and wait for when their thoughts begin closing on the subject. A writer can’t ignore a story for very long. They remain dedicated to self guided education and wait patiently, without drifting easily into the endless forest. They further wander endlessly until they lose their creative pursuit. They are always focused to convey their message for their passion and dreams to stay alive.

They come to observe and take notice of details as they travel, converse and meet.
Writers find something worth showing in their writing not simply by thinking all the time, as they may be told more often than supposed to. Their creation is a birth of inner stillness and calm. The thoughts are altogether rejected in this opening of space and they find that which takes them out of their comfort zone.

For that matter it’s a myth that they are in fact thinking all the time. They teach themselves to observe thoughts and attain to the thought but it’s not the same as thinking all the time or over thinking. If their writing takes a fleet into that direction they can hurt themselves. They may find that their work is not blossoming into an internalized material of understanding and for exchange but is as I figure, a dead flower.

When what they write comes from the deepest recess of their souls- it’s earned reverence is exponentially compelling and rewarding.
We are all self found geniuses surely, even if we may not be worthy enough to be found out and be featured in the Guinness book of world records. Like they say if it hadn’t been for an over imposing and hard beating education system we could have been living in a land of eternal harmony. We would have had divine leaders on this natural high prepared to take us through in a realm of mystique and wonder. We will be granted awards that give us euphoria which lasts throughout our lifetime.

To make it more simpler, there are writers who search the right words to write what they think. There are writers who write by thinking the right words they have sought out to use. There is a question here though, which seems to cross the minds of a number of people. “Do we as writers sit in front of the computer staring blankly in search for words?”
This is unusual. Although when it happens it’s called a writers block. We have numerous sites which can further guide us in writing what we wish to complete in this lifetime and help us avoid writers block. They prompt our memories and we transport back to clearing the doubts by finding answers which were right in front of us all this while. If the purpose of our writing pursuit is jerked away from us maybe because it is perpetuated infallible we will lose our sense of immediacy and the overwhelming elements that convey the informative hunches in form of messages.

There are times when in a piece of writing a writer will pause to think for 2 seconds and not more than that. They look at a word and don’t pause for more than one more word to arrive. Every writer knows thinking for one word and waiting to get a word to substitute theirs will take search and in that period they find themselves hung. With every search the writer diverges on a new path in their mind and perhaps find another story to execute it later.
This sometimes becomes the cause of procrastination. It’s affect and cause is mostly remembered and it makes the writer wretched, poor and unhappy.

The writing of each and every writer varies on the mind of the writer with their interests and the way of processing information that they read. The refined and sophisticated processing of pressing information is essential. It gives birth to material which makes their art of writing something worth being loving, valued and appreciated.

While most of the writers cherish writing more than anything on this planet something that we can be certain about is that they also think about abandoning their writing from time to time, thinking that they probably aren’t good at it. They do so when they think they don’t know how they wrote what they wrote which is an “everyday” in a writers life. So relax and breathe.

A writer produces stories throughout the year. The count of stories they produce depends upon a writer’s perspective, their time and the amount of mind they utilize on writing. The time one writer gives to writing is something that help writers determine how many piece of articles they can produce. If the writer is working for an organisation which demands writers to produce work too frequently they produce as much as asked while rejecting few other offers that they think they need to be taking a break from.

There are ghost writers who produce pieces of writing which goes not by the name of the writer but are credited on the name of the person promoting their writing by being the official author. As most writers expect recognition for their writing which they truly deserve, ghostwriters write their own books and elevate themselves from the pain of being someone’s ghostwriter. They can be humdrums whom the official author doesn’t want to see or the official authors can be humdrums whom the ghostwriters don’t want to see too often. If the friction between the ghostwriter and the author is considerably lateral then they can be great friends too.

A writer takes sufficient and significant amount of time, space and money for their writing. Some are writers who are promised a payment and never paid and some are writers who make sure that they get paid by taking an advanced payment as a writer. Writers exploited for their writing is common these days. The whole idea of asking a writer to pay for writing doesn’t seem to make sense to me at all.

A writer writes till they produce the best piece of writing, but in the face of writing, the amount of writing on a topic or theme that a person usually asks for starts getting counted.

It is too often that the writer feels that their writing is not taking them anywhere. This is no reason for them to lose hope and stop writing of course. If the writing is yours and your thoughts aren’t finding it’s way to the document or to the typewriter then take your time off involve yourself in something else or forget about it. You will do what you mean to do with it when you can .

Your thoughts most speedily bring to the surface the action you perform and your actions spring up the shapes of words you mean to write.



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