Gravely Lawyered

Son to father, “I am so sad and can’t bear the pain that comes to me from your death.”

His father was a lawyer but he was an honest man, unlike his own son who embodied every measure of deceit he could.
“Don’t worry son, everyone’s time comes when the end is near. I care about you and your life. Here is my will.”

Father on his deathbed passed his will to his son to read.

Son read the will stated that it was his father last wish that after his death, the paper of the property and the money he saved in his lifetime should be buried on the lower end of  his grave for six months. The time period that took him to win one of his best cases, for which he was given land and a handsome amount of money.
His beloved son can dig it up and it will all be his.
Son kissed his father on his hand. A lawyer himself. He could manage and live till then.

Six months after his father’s death, he went up to the grave desperate to find the money that his father left him.
An impecunious son, he digs for 2 hours himself and opens the box expecting to find his treasure there. But what he finds next only seals the curse of having never found anything true in his life. He finds a note left by his father.


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