Consciousness Unwoven

Attainable, the sparring revolution within

Vows alight his torrid crux

Though, His fez festers fever,

A deep fever, nought his pride, a deep fever within

Ah! Have O’ have! Carmine in haversack,

But, entailed in his crusade, hath violence

Sans a calyx, for his heart

Flings carmine on camber, in defiance

What then O! heave so hectic heckles her

Grading, a soubrette, he repents

Though, grieve stricken and lugubrious

She, Conjectures a sentient life, and Lives

His liturgy no longer liveable

An exhausted heathen, the man

Condemned him squalid, the soothsayer

His fallacious surgence ends

His heart forlorn seized to breath

Ravelled the gifted heavens soprano, REMORSE


All Rights Reserved



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