Tempty Love

On a typical Sunday with the wind swishing in the right direction, yes there has to be a right direction for the wind to swish past your ears. The right direction plays the perfect tune, it can be a one direction tune for these two love lorn teenagers and it made for the best moment in their life. I’m sure they were happy. The rays of sun were falling in all the right places and this particular oblong passed through the leaves of a tree and lit the face of the young sterling. On a bench nearby the garden sat a boy and a girl. They were engaged in a conversation and the girl spent her time telling the boy everything in the most animated way.

Sherry Mercy Aldrich said, “OMG! I must write and the poem is keeping me so busy… I’m being such a slog about it…I had fever, depression, anxiety and could barely lift my hand but I just had to work my ass through every bit…you know, there is nothing to life except for doing what needs to be done. I can be telling this everyone I see or meet, regardless of whether they understand it or not, that’s the way of living. Believe it or not and I’m sure you’ve heard of it from million others but it’s important coming from me. Well, your dog looks great today.”

All the beautiful words that came out of Mercy’s mouth were pure joy of ecstasy and she made Levi Kev Patter’s life look like a beautiful dream which he was living with his eyes open. She emphasized on every word she said. All this time that Kev had known Mercy she was as stunning and wonderful as the light gleaming across the ocean could seem to the mysterious traveler walking with his camera in the hunt of the best picture. If there was anyone that he should have been hunting for, it should have been Mercy.

Kev replied, “Yours too.”

Kev doesn’t have too many friends and he loves to play in the garden with his pruned roses. Only if it were pruned he could have gifted one to Mercy. He spent his time thinking to himself whenever Mercy would talk to him. He usually thought, “Here she goes again with all her meaningful things, and now talking meaningless bullshit.” He didn’t mean to be rude or flashy to her. But when Mercy would ask him whether he was thinking of something or not, his reply was always the same, “Yes, nothing.”

But today was different. It was the day that Kev finally realized what Mercy had meant to him. Of all the conversations that Kev had failed to have with Sherry, it had only managed to leave him thinking more deeply about her.

Sherry’s conversations were always a splash on Kevin’s face. Like a pool that was flooding its water in Kevin’s ear and laughing at the same time.

Sherry said, “So, are you thinking of something?”

Kev said, “Yes.”

Before he could say what he wanted to, Sherry, “Nothing!” and she started to laugh. She thought like every other time, Kev would say the same.

Kev laughed too and said, “I was thinking of something. The first time I met you, I thought you shined so bright and had such an impeccable, flawless and loving face that mustn’t exist to make boys like me fall for you. It is impossible to find someone like you in this ugly world.”

Sherry smiled softly, slipped her fingers through Kevin’s hands and pecked on his cheek.

“You took a really long time to  say this, but I’m glad you did.”


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